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Je'vonte from Texas



from Texas

Je'Vonte is an affectionate and loving teenager. He enjoys anything physical, especially sports-related activities. His favorite sport is basketball. He also enjoys playing with electronics, especially the X-Box. Je'Vonte prefers being in small groups rather than big, loud crowds. However, he loves being the center of attention. Je'Vonte plays well with other children his age and older children. He enjoys building things and drawing. Je'Vonte wants to be an artist when he grows up. Je'Vonte is a very bright student and does very well in school. He prides himself on getting good grades. He has so much to share with his new family. So, grab a football or basketball or put on your track shoes, and you will quickly connect with Je'Vonte's heart and soul forever.

Je'Vonte will do well with a family that offers patience, consistency, and careful supervision. He will benefit from a family who will commit to allowing Je'Vonte a safe place to express himself and continue to help him reach his goals. The family for Je'Vonte will be able to spend a lot of one-on-one time with him and be willing to access the resources he needs. Je'Vonte does very well with older children in the home. He responds best to a predictable and structured environment. Je'Vonte has shown consistent progress over time and needs a family willing to advocate for him while providing new challenges to encourage his progress.

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