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Dalton from Texas



from Texas

Dalton is a friendly boy with a great spirit. He is more reserved in nature but will blossom when he becomes comfortable with you. Dalton is a loving brother with a curious mind who enjoys exploring. He loves to attend carnivals and ride games. He can spend an entire afternoon playing any type of game. Dalton enjoys playing outdoors on a bike or his scooter, like most boys. He has become quite good at riding his scooter fast. Dalton gets along well with his peers and really enjoys playing sports like flag football or basketball. He has a beautiful mind and will focus on things that interest him. For example, Dalton is infatuated with Ninja Turtles and the battle concept. He is observative and very inquisitive. He is obsessed with science and learning anything and everything about science. He is currently interested in learning about dinosaurs and fossils. Dalton would like to one day be able to share his interest with his adoptive family, his brother, and maybe a pet! Dalton is ready to have parents that can love him unconditionally.

Dalton are typical boys who enjoy playing outside, make friends easily with other neighborhood kids, and are always ready for a football game. They have lots of energy and enjoy staying active, riding their bikes, going to parks, and playing basketball or football. Cayden and Dalton are loving children with the understanding and hope to be adopted together by a family who can love them unconditionally and show them affection on good and bad days. Cayden and Dalton will be great sons to the right family, ready to open their hearts and model how a family should care for and support each other. Cayden and Dalton are prepared to be adopted and to have a forever home they never have to leave again.

Dalton's forever family will consist of a strong mother and father, a role- model who will show him, love, nurture him, and provide security for him. His forever family will show him the acceptance of who he is and show him compassion and love. Dalton's forever family will be able to spend one-on-one time with him to build trust and a bond over time. Dalton's family will be present with him and makes him feel that he belongs to a family. His forever family will be dependable and understanding of his needs and be patient to help him achieve his goals. Dalton's parents will continue to encourage him to participate in different recreational activities in the community and guide him through his decision as he matures and grows through life past into adulthood. Dalton's forever family will be able to nurture him and reassure him and his brother of a bright future!

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