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Damian from Texas



from Texas

Damian has an outgoing and engaging personality and has a certain self-confidence. He is an active child who loves sports, playing outdoors (especially football), and riding his bike. He also enjoys putting together jigsaw puzzles and using his creative side to work with LEGOs and to sketch pictures. He likes to stay active and moves from one task to another quickly. He is a happy and pleasant child who responds well to affection and to an understanding adult. He is easily redirected once he trusts his caregiver. He enjoys going to school and is currently making good grades. Damian has a huge smile that can light up a room. He also has big ambitions and with a loving family, he will be able to achieve his goals.

Damian will benefit from a warm and loving family who is willing to help him develop trust and build healthy relationships. He enjoys being the oldest sibling in the home and having his own room where he can feel comfortable listening to music and working on his projects. He will do well with older siblings who could model good behavior, or as the only child in the home, as he will require a lot of love and attention. His forever family will have an established system of rewards and consequences for behavior. His forever family will be supportive and also help him maintain family ties to the extent that it is appropriate. The family will have a dedicated support system and be knowledgeable of resources.

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