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Devin from Texas



from Texas

Devin is a very sweet and loving child. He is very loveable and learning about personal boundaries. He loves hugging and has learned to ask for a hug before hugging. Devin love to smile and have fun. He loves to play with Play dough and big blocks alone or with other. Devin love watching funny videos on the computer or cell phone. Devin is verbal, but it is hard to understand him sometimes. He can become agitated when he is not fully understood. His favorite foods are pizza, hamburgers, and chips. Devin loves all things dealing with Legos, puzzles and building blocks. He loves to draw pictures of the things he like or see. He also loves coloring books. He loves watching tv and movies.

Devin and Nicolas have a loving relationship regarding coloring and playing with their Legos. Devin and Nicolas love to play in the front yard together and alone. When the boys are outside, they will play the game tag and chase each other around the front yard. Devin seems to get a little rougher than Nicolas at times by hitting him too hard for his liking. Nicholas will get upset and kick Devin at times. However, they will go right back to playing and helping each other after the rivalry. Both boys can easily be redirected and love on each other. The boys love playing with their Legos and building things together. They enjoy spending time with the family on different outings. Both Devin and Nicolas enjoy each other company.

Devin will do well in a two-parent home or single parent home. Devin's forever family will provide lots of patience and be willing communicate well. His family will provide a loving and supportive home environment. Devin's family will provide a structured and maintain a good daily routine, with consistent tolerances, who lead an active lifestyle.

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