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Dustin from Texas



from Texas

Dustin enjoys watching cartoons and playing age-appropriate video games. If not watched closely, he'll stay in the same spot watching TV all day long. He also has a knack for electronics. However, once he gets outside, it's hard to slow him down. Dustin is a very active child and one of his favorite things to do outside is to ride his scooter. He likes to be a daredevil while trying out new tricks on his scooter. Dustin can be quite outgoing. He says his favorite time of day in lunchtime. Dustin LOVES cheeseburger day in the school cafeteria and will can eat his weight in them. Dustin can be quite caring of those he is particularly fond of. Dustin really enjoys attending church services regularly.

Jacob, the eldest of the four brothers, is described as the most shy of the group. He will initially be standoffish when meeting new people and takes time to warm up. Dyllan, the second eldest, is the most level-headed of the group. Some may call him the lead decision maker, as his brothers will often trust his instincts the most. Cory, the third brother, is often mistaken as the youngest. This doesn't really bother him though because he is busy forging his own path. Cory is not afraid to speak his mind and let his opinions be known. Dustin, the youngest brother, is often the most animated of the bunch. He doesn't mind being the clown to break the tension in the group. As a group, they have a deep bond. When these boys have decided they are committed to you, they will not hold back their love and affection for you. Jacob, Dyllan, Cory and Dustin care deeply for each other. Visit me at the Heart Gallery of South Texas.

Dustin will do best in a home with a family who has a well-established connection. He will need to be a part of a home where the parents are leaders and act as a team to provide guidance and nurturing. When raising this group of boys, their family will need to be able to model patience to help the boys in learning to develop patience of their own. He and his brothers are continuously learning how to understand and connect to each other as a team. The ideal family for Dustin and his siblings will be encouraging in continuing to develop and strengthen their connection. The boys are open to having other siblings and pets in the home. The brothers have each have their own academic needs and will benefit from someone who has experience in identifying and assisting to improve those needs, as well as reaching out within the community, to continue to work towards their educational goals.

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