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Elias from Texas



from Texas

Elias is a very funny and friendly little boy. He likes to smile, laugh and joke around. He like to have fun outside and explore nature. He loves to go hiking, explore neighborhood parks and to play outdoors. Not only does he love to spend time outdoors, but he also enjoys relaxing indoors and spending quality time with family members. Elias enjoys putting puzzles together, building with Legos, playing with video games, and playing with super hero action figures. He also loves to collect and play with Pokemon cards. He likes learning about bugs and other aspects of nature. Elias loves spending time with animals, especially cats. He has a brother that he is close to and would like to stay in contact with him.

Elias' forever family will be an experienced and patient family who has a structured home environment and can provide him with stability. He would thrive in a home that is active outdoors and enjoys nature. Elias will do well with a family that likes to spend time together, whether it be on trips or just playing games at home. He will enjoy participating in organized sports or community programs, such as boy scouts or camps. He would benefit from older children to learn from and model. Elias' forever family will be familiar with academic and therapeutic resources in their area. His parents will be willing and able to advocate for him in all areas, to ensure he is meeting his full potential. Elias has an older brother that he would like to remain in contact with, so his ideal family would be open to nurturing this relationship.

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