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Gael from Texas



from Texas

Gael is a highly energetic child. He is very talkative and likes making new friends. He enjoys taking part in different activities. Gael likes spending time with his siblings and playing with them outdoors. He gets along well with children his age and younger. Gael recently started taking boxing classes and likes to show off this boxing moves. When he is not practicing boxing, Gael like to ride his bike outdoors, always looking for a new adventure. Although he is highly sociable Gael also enjoys spending time on his tablet watching movies and playing games. Gaels favorite food include tacos and pizza. Gael's newest adventure includes joining the school's music program, he is very excited and looking forward to his first musical recital. He recently joined the Boys and Girls club music program and is learning how to play the guitar along with his older brother. Gael likes singing and is part of the church choir. Gaels enjoys going to school, he excels academically, and his favorite subjects are math and science. Gael plans on graduating from high school, continuing his education in the filed of math. He would also like to be a professional boxer.

Gabriel, Gael, and Emilio are three siblings full of energy and excited about the future. Gabriel, it the oldest of the three brothers. Gabriel loves his brothers Gael and Emilio very much. His brothers are his best friends, and he loves creating memories with them. As the oldest brother he tends to be protective of his brothers Gael and Emilio. Gael is the middle between brother between Gabriel and Emilio. Gael has a big heart and is very caring. He wears his heart on his sleeve and that makes him so special. He is quiet as well, but he is the perfect balance with his brothers Gabriel and Emilio. Gael enjoys singing and will sing along to his brother Gabriel's guitar tunes. Emilio is youngest of the three brothers. Both Gabriel and Gael are always defending him. As the baby, Gabriel and Gael sometimes guide Emilio. Emilio loves his brothers very much and is a good listener.

Gael's forever family will be open to adopting Gael and his siblings together. Gael will benefit from a family who is energetic and provide a very structured environment. He's family will provide consistency, patience, and love. Gael is very protective of his younger sibling and looks over them. His forever family will spend a lot of individual time with the Gael and access any appropriate resources he may need. Gael responds best to a predictable environment and enjoys quality time with his family. He would thrive in being involved in activities he likes.

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