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Gavin from Texas



from Texas

Gavin is kind and very intelligent. He is an active young boy, who loves to play games, electronic devices and going out to fun places. He will challenge you to a race and will take pride when he wins! Gavin enjoys playing in the yard, riding his bicycle, and play catch. Football is one of his favorite sports. He will tell you that his favorite football team is the Houston Texans. Gavin likes watching cartoons and interacting with his siblings. Pizza, chicken nuggets and spaghetti are some of Gavin's favorite foods! He enjoys being around animals going on walks and going to church. He is described as being talkative, outgoing, very resilient, and strong willed. Gavin goes to school however he'd rather be at home playing with his toys. He enjoys talking about his day and sharing some of his daily highlights. Gavin loves his brothers and sister! If Gavin could have one wish come true, it would be to have a forever family living in it with his siblings.

Gabrieon, Gerren, Gavin and Gabriea are filled with talent, compassion, and independent personalities. They show tremendous love and affection for one another. Often times you'll find Gabrieon, Gerren, Gavin and Gabriea cheering each other on, offering to help each other, asking each other for help, and recognizing each other's strengths. Gabrieon is the oldest and the protector and role model for his siblings. He feels that it is his responsibility to look out for his younger siblings. He always tries to help and confront them in time of need. Gerren and Gavin are twins and are similar in many ways. They are both great at holding conversations and are both strong willed. They love staying active and playing outdoors. Gavin differs in being more in touch with his emotions and feelings while Gerren is more competitive. Gabriea is the youngest and probably the most outing. She loves trying new things and being the center of attention. She is affectionate and ensures that everyone gets tons of hugs. Gabrieon, Gerren, Gavin and Gabriea will keep each other entertained and spend large amounts of time playing together. The children love movie nights, going on family outings and having family dinners or pizza nights. The children enjoy celebrating birthdays and holidays. They love weekend outings especially to the zoo! As most siblings do, they also share some rivalry and jealousy. You may find them teasing one another, participating in pretend play, learning conflict resolution, and teaching one another. This just goes to show how comfortable Gabrieon, Gerren, Gavin and Gabriea are with one another. Together they have a host of love and affection to share with their forever family.

Gavin's forever family's home will be filled with love, be structured, firm, fair, consistent, patience. They will be able to redirect behaviors in a positive way. He requires lots of positive feedback when he does something well. He would benefit from a family that will encourage good learning habits. His family will be family-oriented and will spend quality time together doing family activities. His family will offer unconditional support, guidance, and supervision.

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