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Hudson from Texas



from Texas

Hudson is an affectionate young boy who loves to build with Legos and play video games. He likes Marvel movies and superheroes, enjoys reading comic books and loves going swimming. He also enjoys playing games and collecting Pokemon cards. Hudson is a bright child who does well academically. He prefers smaller school settings as larger schools overwhelm him. Hudson has been diagnosed with Autism; he is considered high functioning. He does well in a structured environment, which helps him feel confident in his daily activities. Hudson needs support in handling transitions in his life. He likes a predictable routine and may be resistant to change, but with support, he is able to embrace changes that come his way. He may struggle to understand the behavior of others at times and feels uncomfortable in busy social settings. Hudson is a trusting, positive, imaginative, and sweet child. Having friends is very important to him, and he gets along well with other children. Hudson loves animals and would love to travel someday. His favorite food is chicken nuggets, and he dislikes spaghetti. As Hudson looks forward to his future, he has expressed an interest in learning computer coding.

Hudson's forever family will provide him with love and attention. He will benefit from a family who enjoys both outdoor and indoor activities. Hudson needs a family open to seeking resources and support services for him. Hudson's forever family will be patient with him as he transitions into their home.

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