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Jade from Texas



from Texas

Jade is a very charismatic and talkative little girl. She is shy and quiet when first meets someone but opens up once she feels comfortable. Jade sometimes likes to be alone and keep to herself but can also be very social. She likes to make friends but also enjoys playing alone. Jade likes to spend her free time making bracelets, earrings, or artwork. Jade likes to wear the jewelry she makes! He has previously played soccer and enjoys sports and being active. Jade enjoys watching Naruto and collecting stuffed animals. Her favorite color is pink. Jade loves unicorns and squishy toys such as stress balls or items filled with slime. She finds stuffed animals and squishy toys comforting and has stated they make her happy. Jade's favorite foods are spaghetti, meatballs, pizza, and ramen noodles.

Jade's needs would best be met by a family where she is the youngest child, as Jade craves all the attention to herself. Jade seems to do better when no other children are in the home. Jade likes to play with other children but can become territorial, which may trigger her. Jade needs a family that will love, nurture, and guide her and provide a safe environment for her. Jade deserves full-time attention and commitment. Jade needs a family who is willing to adopt her and follow all recommendations made by professionals.

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