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James from Texas



from Texas

It's time to step up and say hello to James! He is a happy, content and loving little boy. James is loving and enjoys socializing with his caregivers. He is diagnosed with Rett's syndrome and requires assistance with all of his daily needs. He enjoys playing on the floor, and he loves watching television. James loves when people talk to him, read to him, and spend quality time engaging with him. He really enjoys movies, television, and interactive play. James has a smile that lights up the room. He loves to have constant stimulation and interaction and is extremely happy and content when being interacted with. James will be a great addition to a loving and caring forever family. Visit me at the Heart Gallery of North East Texas.

James' forever family will be willing and able to meet all of his needs. His family will be able to communicate with him through sounds, body language and other nonverbal methods of communication. James will benefit from a family with a medical background or experience caring for children with severe medical needs. His family will learn about James' specific medical and daily needs.

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