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Jayden from Texas



from Texas

Please meet Jayden, a fun loving and energetic child! She loves spending time with those she cares about and enjoys being the center of attention. Jayden is a very intelligent youth who does well in school. She loves arts and crafts, YouTube, eating out, and spending time with others. She likes all kinds of music. Jayden lists some of her likes as: Ferris wheels, pickles, rainbows, French fries, Buc-ee's, Christmas, and flowers and decorating. Some of her dislikes are dirtiness, other people putting their feet on the couch, spinach, ketchup and mustard, and video games. Jayden has a strong faith in Jesus and loves to attend church and read her Bible. She is learning to express herself and has developed a like for fashion and shopping. Jayden is a child who can make any family better with her smile! Visit me at the Heart Gallery of North East Texas.

Jayden's forever family will love spending time together, especially while getting to know Jayden. They will be patient and kind with Jayden and provide her time to adjust. Her family will be consistent with their expectations. They will like spending time doing activities together, such as camping, arts and crafts, and eating out. Jayden would like a mom and a dad and will thrive with individual attention. She will also do well as an only child. It is important to Jayden for her family be supportive of and involved in church. Jayden would like her family to encourage her to be independent as she grows. Her ideal home is in the country with farm animals and a bedroom for her upstairs. Jayden's family must be committed to her and stick with her through her adjusting to a new home, family and school.

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