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Jayden from Texas



from Texas

Jayden is a very respectful boy. His favorite foods are pizza and chips. He enjoys being active and likes to play baseball, basketball, and football. Jayden also loves the outdoors, and he likes going fishing, swimming, and camping. Though, he also likes being indoors, where he can be found playing video games or watching movies. He is helpful and willing to go the extra mile to help those he cares for. Although he can be shy at first, once you get to know him he is funny and kind. Jayden likes social environments and hanging out with friends, he likes to amuse his friends with his funny jokes.

Jayden needs a family with a strong, positive male role model. He needs structure and routine, he does best with this type of family environment. Jayden will do well in a home as either the only child, or with siblings. He will thrive with a family who is physically active and who interacts and encourages him in sports. Jayden thrives in a setting where there is a strict routine and the expectations will be clear and concise, so he knows what is expected of him. He will do well with a family who is honest and transparent with him in following directives, while also showing him love and support by believing in him and advocating for him at all times.