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Jayden from Texas



from Texas

Jayden is intelligent and does well in school. He thinks that his best quality is that he has "common sense"! He enjoys doing art on his laptop but isn't a big fan of math - multiplication tables are hard to remember! Jayden's friends call him "Jo Jo" and find him funny. He does a good imitation of funny scenes from Coco Melon and Home Alone. He has a big heart and is eager to help others. With adults, he is polite and respectful. If you are looking for a wide receiver, Jayden is your man! He is a fast runner and loves making catches, though his favorite football player is not a receiver but Eagles' quarterback Jalen Hurts. He enjoys watching Sunday football and playing with friends, but he also likes to play basketball and kickball. He is an active, outdoor kid and appreciates a good bike ride, too. In addition to being a "sports guy", Jayden is a dog person. He really likes German Shepherds but has a soft spot for smaller "wiener dogs" as well. He has observed that big dogs always want to run outside, just as he does, while smaller dogs are more likely indoor fans.

Jayden imagines that his forever family will include a younger brother - he has always been the youngest child and thinks being a role model for a younger sibling would be a welcome "new start". He would also do well as an only child. He wishes for both a mother and a father, who will be ready to play sports with him. He likes to think of watching Eagles' games with his family, and later, having them cheer him on at the high school football game. He also hopes for a family that will go on adventures, such as crabbing or to visit Disneyland. His forever family will be patient and able to consistently show Jayden their commitment to him. They will be able to help him manage big emotions. Jayden attends church weekly and knows that he wants to be a part of a Christian family. Jayden thinks he would be most comfortable in a smaller town near a beach, though he is willing to consider the perks of living in a big city. Jayden is sure to bring joy to his forever family!

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