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Jayden from Texas



from Texas

If you are looking for a sports enthusiast, Jayden is your man! He loves sports, especially football and basketball, and wants to play at every opportunity. When he is not playing sports, he enjoys watching games on TV. He occasionally has had the opportunity to attend the Houston Texans' games, which is a real treat for him. He can talk with enthusiasm about the most recent big play. His favorite player is currently Tyreek Hill. Jayden is an active, outdoor child who appreciates a good bike ride. In addition to being a "sports guy", Jayden is also a dog person. He really likes German Shepherds but has a soft spot for smaller "wiener dogs" as well. Jayden has recently formed a relationship with a horse named Baystar, and he's learning a lot from his new friend. He keeps a photograph of him and Baystar on the wall next to his bed. After building up his appetite with a day full of sports, Jayden looks forward to his favorite meal of fettucine alfredo for dinner. Olive Garden is an all-time favorite, and fettucine alfredo is a special birthday tradition that Jayden treasures. Jayden's friends call him "Jo Jo" and find him funny. He has a big heart and shows his generosity by giving small gifts to friends, just to let them know he appreciates them. With adults, he is polite and respectful. Jayden is intelligent and does well in school. He frequently asks questions of others and likes to learn new things. Those close to him are often surprised by his excellent memory and the things he recalls from previous conversations.

Jayden imagines that his forever family will include a younger brother - he has always been the youngest child and thinks being a role model for a younger sibling would be a welcome role. However, he would do best as an only child, thriving in being the center of his parents' attention. He wishes for both a mother and a father, who will be ready to play sports with him. He likes to think of watching games with his family, and later, having them cheer him on at the high school football game. He also hopes for a family that will go on adventures, such as crabbing or to visit Disneyland. His parents should be patient and able to consistently show Jayden their commitment to him. They will help him to manage big emotions and to cope with frustrations. Jayden attends church weekly and knows that he wants to be a part of a Christian family. With his big heart and his contagious enthusiasm, Jayden is sure to bring joy to his forever family!

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