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Jaylan from Texas



from Texas

Jaylan is a sweet and loving child who is extremely energetic and outgoing. She enjoys everything music, and is not timid in showing off her dance moves. Jaylan really enjoys spending time watching Youtube music videos. She is an affectionate child. Although Jaylan can be very selective in who she trusts around her, especially with adults, she does not shy away from letting those around her know she loves and appreciates them. Jaylan enjoys taking weekend trips and entertaining herself playing board games. Jaylan also really enjoys going shopping and going out to eat. Jaylan responds well to redirection, and is motivated to do well and overcome obstacles.

Jaylan will do well with a family who is experienced in parenting. Jaylan will do well in either a single or two-parent household. Jaylan needs a patient family who can provide her with a structured environment. Jaylan will do best in a home with minimal children, so that she can receive individual attention.

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