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Jessalyna from Texas



from Texas

Jessalyna, who also goes by Jess, is a very sweet and friendly person. She is a respectful, funny, and outgoing youth. She can be shy and quiet at first, but once she is comfortable, she will open up. Jessalyna enjoys spending time by herself as well as with others. She loves to laugh, and she makes friends easily. She likes going to the park, the movies and talking on the phone with her friends. Jessalyna is part of her church choir and enjoys attending church weekly and always looks forward to singing. She likes playing sports and spending time outdoors. Some of her favorite sports are football, soccer, and basketball. She also has started participating in yoga and finds it soothing and therapeutic. She loves listening to music and is trying to learn how to play the guitar. Some of her favorite genres to listen to are 90's rap & R&B. Jessalyna enjoys hanging out with her friends, going out to walk around the mall or just going out to eat. She is always open to trying new things. She loves food and some of her favorite places are Subway, Taco bell, and Starbucks. Jessalyna has a good heart and has always puts others before herself. Jessalyna does well in school and enjoys learning more every day. Her favorite class is gym where she can do physical activities. She is interested JROTC and the military, specifically the Army Reserve or Navy. She is also interested in coding, stem, construction, and building.

Jessalyna's forever family will be one that is structured and able to give her the attention and support she seeks and loves. Jessalyna's family will understand her personality and be willing to support her no matter what. Her family will also be supportive of contact with her sister.

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