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Joe from Texas



from Texas

Joe Michael, who prefers to be called Mikey, is a cheerful child. He is active, full of energy, and likes to be the center of attention. Mikey likes spending time with his older brother and participating in activities they can do together. He can often be found playing video games together. Outside, Mikey's can often be found competing in a game of paintball or fishing. A few of Mikey's other interests and hobbies include, running, exploring the outdoors, and going on long walks and hikes. He enjoys school and his favorite subjects are science and social studies. Currently, he is involved in his school's band and also participates in Karate outside of school. He is looking forward to participating in sports at school next year. Mikey will be a great addition to a loving and forever family.

Joe Michael "Mikey" and Jose "Joey" are very close. They love each other very much and are protective of each other as well. Like most siblings, the brothers have sibling rivalries, but they still support one another. Mikey is sweet, talkative and enjoys meeting new people. He really likes being the center of attention and always has a smile on his face. While Mikey is outgoing, Joey is more laid back and tends to be on the quieter side until he warms up to you. However, he is friendly and likes to interact with others. Both children enjoy spending time doing outdoor activities, such as paintball and fishing. Indoors, they can often be found playing video games. This sibling group will be a great addition to a loving and caring forever family.

Mikey's will benefit from a two-parent home with a loving mother and father. His family will be active and encourage his participation in activities and help him build on his interests and talents. His forever family will be patient, active and is willing to adopt him and his brother. His forever family will be supportive and caring.

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