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Joel from Texas



from Texas

Joel is a relaxed, curious youth looking forward to his future, even if he is a little bit nervous. Joel would like to become a graphic designer when he is older. He is helpful, responsible, and appreciated by several adults in his community. Joel likes going to school. He likes Science the most, and while he isn't interested in reading traditional novels, he loves graphic novels and comic books. Some of his favorite books include; Dog Man Books, Big Nate, Diary of a Wimpy Kid and anything from Lincoln Pierce. Joel is working on doing better in school and getting better grades. Joel likes playing video games, swimming, basketball, and playing hide and seek outside. He would like to one day be able to play on a soccer team, golf, disc frisbee team or basketball team. Joel also collects Pokemon cards, and his favorite color is orange. Joel is able to communicate when he is given time, space, support and reassurance.

Joel would love to be adopted in any family, especially one that is supportive of his needs, interest and is open minded. Joel would do well in a home with either a single parent or a couple. Joel would do well in a home with diversity, where he is able to explore his culture. Joel's forever family will provide him with structure and stability, in addition to encouraging him to explore his interest and his plans for the future. Joel's family will be understanding and will empathize with his experiences, and support the progress and efforts he has made! Joel would like to be in a home that has pets, in specific a dog. Joel is also open to a home with other children, but wants to make sure he is able to have his own personal space when needed.

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