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John from Texas



from Texas

John has a kind and affectionate personality. He makes friends easily and genuinely cares about others well-being. John is an outgoing child who loves to socialize. He enjoys being outdoors and playing with the neighborhood friends. John has quite the skills for playing basketball, football, and soccer. He is also a great student and does well academically. John's other interests include watching TV, playing video games, and building Lego characters. He takes pride in his creativity and abilities. John advocates for himself and will build a healthy rapport with the adults who are part of his support system. John likes to be a mediator and mentor in times of need. He has a passion and special talent for deescalating peer situations leading to better outcomes for those involved.

John looks forward to joining his forever family! He responds well to caregivers who show a true interest in guiding him while providing loving support that he needs. John will thrive in a home where he is shown kindness, and his family speaks to him gently and directly, if he is upset. John benefits from structure when it is communicated to him. He will do great with a family who also enjoys sports and being outdoors!

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