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Jordan from Texas



from Texas

Jordan is a very sweet child who wants to please others. He has an easy-going personality and is also very out-going. He is inquisitive and regularly asks questions about people and subjects he is interested in learning more about. He is a busy child who is always on the move. He enjoys spending time with his siblings and can be helpful to others. Jordan also enjoys swimming and making new friends at school. Some of his other hobbies and interests include hanging out with his friends, watching movies, spending time at outdoor parks, riding his bike, and listening to music.

Jordan, Christyl, and Luis are very close to one another. Their love and loyalty to each another is evident in their interactions with each other. While they also exhibit typical sibling rivalry, which is expected given their closeness in age, this does not diminish the love they share for each other. Christyl is protective of her brothers and worries when they are apart. All the children love to do outdoor activities together and hang out whenever they can. Some activities they enjoy doing together are swimming, visiting amusement parks, watching movies, enjoying pizza parties and playing at arcades. Jordan, Christyl, and Luis are sweet children and want to share their love and all their unique qualities that make them who they are with a special family. Visit us at the San Antonio Heart Gallery.

Jordan will do best in a home that provides structure and routine. He is in need of loving and supportive, patient, and encouraging parents. He will thrive with a family that have a mother and father and a family who is active.