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Joseph from Texas



from Texas

Joseph is a youth who likes anime characters and video games. Joseph is very creative and has a great imagination. He is also very inquisitive and talkative. Joseph is not shy and is able to communicate what is on his mind. He likes playing both computer and board games. Joseph also loves to fish, and especially enjoys going to the beach to fish off the pier. He likes to be active and enjoys riding his bike and scooter. Joseph likes playing games with others and is very competitive. He is known to have a sweet and loving personality, especially towards those he knows. Joseph enjoys attending school and especially enjoys playing at recess with his friends and playing sports during gym class. His favorite subject is reading, and he enjoys reading fantasy books.

Joseph would do well in a 2-parent home that is patient and fun-loving. He will benefit from a strong father figure and a nurturing mother figure in the home. Joseph will thrive in a home that is structured and stern, but fair with well-defined boundaries and expectations.

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