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Sofia from Texas



from Texas

Sofia is a "girly-girl" who loves the outdoors! She enjoys playing soccer and volleyball. Sofia describes herself as not being a picky eater. She is close to her brothers and looks forward to being with them. Sofia enjoys making friends and talking to them on the phone. She likes painting and making art and crafts. Sofia does well in school, and she likes being the teacher's helper. She also enjoys fishing and hiking. Sofia is a confident and strong-willed individual who knows what she wants in life. She also has a gentle side, and it shows when she plays with family pets. Sofia is active and likes skating, rollerblading, and riding her bike. She likes staying active and would love to go to different amusement parks and the zoo. Sofia cannot wait to be with her brothers and make new fun and happy memories with her forever family!

A patient and fun-loving family will be the best fit for Sofia. She will benefit from a strong father figure and a nurturing mother figure in their home. Sofia will thrive in a home that is structured and stern but fair, with well-defined boundaries and expectations.

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