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Joseph from Texas



from Texas

Joseph is a sweet and loving toddler who enjoys attention and affection, such as hugs and cuddles. He is initially shy when first meeting someone, but once he gets to know them, he will open up and show his funny personality. He is a happy toddler that loves to spend time playing with other children. He enjoys playing with electronics, cars, blocks, and toys that light up or make noise. Joseph also loves reading books and coloring. His favorite TV show is Cocomelon. Joseph loves to explore the world around him and especially enjoys running around outside and going on car rides. He also enjoys going on shopping trips. Joseph loves to be independent and show others that he can do things on his own.

Joseph's forever family will be one that is nurturing and able to provide him with a structured environment with 24/7 supervision. Joseph does best when he has a routine. His family will be patient and provide him with opportunities to learn and grow. Joseph's family will provide him with the care he needs throughout his lifetime. His family will need to be a strong advocate for him to help him grow and develop. His family will need to learn about his medical needs and best ways to care for him. Joseph thrives in a home that has other children as he loves playing with babies and interacting with other children.

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