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Juan from Texas



from Texas

Hop on a bicycle and prepare for the ride of your life with Juan! Juan is the youngest, and also the most outgoing. He gets very excited about activities and he loves to play with his older brother. Juan is the life of the party and enjoys the outdoors. Juan's favorite activities are playing with Pokemon cards, riding his bike, and riding his razor. He does well with caregivers that focus on family activities that include the whole family, as well as providing a structured and a regular schedule. He benefits from caregivers who spend one-on-one time with him. At times, Juan has difficulty with his homework and needs additional help in school. Juan also does better when he receives extra encouragement to complete tasks.

Ausencio and Juan are extraordinary children who hope to find a family full of love and laughter. The siblings enjoy spending time together while playing outdoors or playing video games inside. Their favorite activity to do together is ride bicycles. Ausencio is the eldest of the two and has an easy-going personality. Juan is the youngest of the brothers is always on the go. This sibling group enjoys going on adventures and exploring new places. Ausencio and Juan both love to sing and would like to participate in a church choir. Watching movies is another favorite activity the boys enjoy doing together. Ausencio and Juan are ready to meet their forever family. Visit me at the Heart Gallery of North East Texas.

The best family for Juan will be a family who is active and can provide attention to both him and his brother. He will greatly benefit from a family who will provide consistent boundaries and supervision. The family will need to be patient as Juan transition into his new home.

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