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Juan from Texas



from Texas

Come and meet Juan! He is described as funny and everyone that has the pleasure of meeting him enjoys his personality. Juan is smart and cares about others. He is a very helpful teen and doesn't mind pitching in around the house. He enjoys playing video games and playing with anything electronic. Juan likes to draw with chalk on the sidewalk and is creative. His favorite food is pizza. Juan likes watching the cartoon Teen Titans and his favorite video game is Mortal Combat. Juan likes playing with his Lego's and he is pretty good at making cars, planes and boats. Juan takes a lot of pride in his skill and enjoys showing them off his creations. He does well in school and enjoys learning.

Meet Ausencio and Juan! These two brothers are both smart and funny! Ausencio and Juan enjoy being able to have each other to talk to when things get tough. They both love going to school and learning new things. Ausencio and Juan are both described as being very intelligent. These brothers are both active and love to do different activities outside. They are not currently in any organized sports but have both voiced an interest in playing football! They like video games, computers, and any other activities that include electronics. Ausencio and Juan have a very tight bond and they love each other very much. Ausencio and Juan hope to continue to be there for each other to lean on as the years go by.

Juan's forever family will be one that is patient and will provide him boundaries. Hi family will provide him a structured environment with love, and nurturance. Juan's family will allow him to participate in activities and provide him with ongoing support.

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