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Julian from Texas



from Texas

Julian is an active young boy that is very creative. He likes to play basketball, football, and dodgeball. Mexican food is his favorite food and loves tamales, especially chicken tamales. His favorite toys are his Power Rangers, Bey Blades, and wrestling action figures. Julian wants to be a police officer when he grows up so he can save people. He likes to go to down the water slide at the water park and wants to learn how to swim. He would also like to learn how to play guitar and cook. Julian's favorite song is Free My Mind. His favorite school subjects are math, science, and reading and favorite book is Hey That's My Monster. Julian is very good at making boats and cars out of paper. He has a big imagination and is very creative and is always making things. Julian says he is good at helping others. He wants to play sports in college. If he had 3 wishes he would wish to be adopted with his siblings, have a good time, and have a forever family. His favorite TV show is Go Dog Go and Power Rangers. Julian wants others to know that he likes to help people.

Devin, Alizea, Davian, and Julian are a fun-loving bunch of siblings. Devin is the oldest of this sibling quartet. Alizea is the only girl and the second oldest. She is nurturing towards her siblings. Davian is the third oldest, and Julian is the youngest of the siblings. This sibling group loves each other very much. They all state that their favorite thing to do is spend time with each other. They have so much personality, and they love playing Uno together. Besides being energetic, enjoyable, and caring, they all light up a room with their beaming smiles. The children enjoy having and caring for pets. Devin, Alizea, Davian, and Julian are smart and quick learners. The children can understand Spanish, and Alizea can even translate when needed. Their relationship with each other is a special and loyal one. This sibling group is very creative, and they like to draw and make things. They look forward to joining an active forever family who enjoys the outdoors as much as they do. The children also look forward to a future together making memories with their family in their forever home! Visit me at the Heart Gallery of West Texas.

Julian's forever family will take time to go on outings and participate in activities with him. His family who will take the time to build trust and spend individual time with him to work on a connection with him and his siblings. His parents will provide consistent structure and supervision. Julian will benefit from an active family who enjoys the outdoors and having fun as much as he does. He wants a mom and dad who can give hugs and is able to keep up with his energy! They will nurture him and show him affection. He will do well in a home with a routine but that can also be flexible.

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