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Kalvin from Texas



from Texas

Kalvin is a quiet and reserved child when you first meet him. He can be slow to trust but once he does, Kalvin is a loving child who likes to give hugs. He is a sweet kid and will make you smile. Kalvin likes to help around the home, especially in the kitchen. He has a good appetite and enjoys tacos. He also enjoys coloring, playing with toys, completing puzzles, and playing games on his tablet. Kalvin has a good memory when it comes to doing puzzles and he is becoming more efficient every day. Kalvin is slowly, but surely, improving on his speech one word at a time. He understands both English and Spanish language. Kalvin loves engaging in his speech therapy, and he looks forward to his sessions. He can say simple words and phrases. He can repeat words when asked. Kalvin can communicate his wants and needs by pointing, and using body language. He asks for assistance when he is unable to retrieve things on his own. He strives to do his best when performing tasks. Kalvin makes efforts to improve his skills by practicing his personal hygiene tasks, completing chores, and playing with peers in the home.

Kalvin will thrive in a highly structured and supportive environment that can provide consistent discipline, nurturance, and very close supervision. He will require direct supervision by his caregivers. His family will establish a daily routine that he will be able to adhere to. Kalvin would benefit from a forewarning if his daily routine is altered in any way. Kalvin benefits from frequent reminders regarding appropriate behaviors and expectations. He should be provided with positive reinforcement for appropriate behaviors as much as possible. He adjusts well to new places if the home is meeting his needs effectively. Kalvin will thrive with a family who has a flexible or predictable schedule. His family will have a lot of patience and understanding. They will be able to provide him with love and affection. Kalvin will need to be with a family that supports continued therapy for speech, behavior, and occupational as deemed necessary by his providers. Kalvin does well with a daily routine, continued encouragement, and rewards.

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