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Keedon from Texas



from Texas

Keedon is a very active and outgoing child. He responds positively to lots of attention. He is very independent, he likes to come up with his own ideas and makes his own decisions. Keedon is not timid or shy and he will make his needs known. He enjoys being included in everything going on around him. Keedon is curious about things and people. He engages well with others upon meeting them. Keedon likes to be the center of attention and gets along well with adults. With Keedon, what you see is what you get and he expects the same of others. He is very optimistic and believes the best in people. Keedon focuses on the positive and does not get let things get him down often.

Keedon needs a family with plenty of time and attention to give. He's open to new ideas and techniques for calming himself. He is willing to talk through issues if he doesn't make the best decision initially. Keedon's ideal family would not have other children in the home, and is able to supply clear and consistent expectations to help Keedon learn and grow. A structured family is needed to help Keedon learn to manage his emotions. Keedon would like a family with pets, especially dogs or cats.

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