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K'lea from Texas



from Texas

K'Lea is an adventurous, silly and active girl. She enjoys playing sports, and loves to play basketball. She also enjoys swimming, running, reading, arts and crafts, making bracelets and slime. She loves getting a good laugh out of watching funny videos. K'Lea is very smart and excels in school. She has been enrolled in pre-AP classes, and her favorite subjects are math and science. To keep her attention in school, K'Lea must be challenged. K'Lea's favorite foods are steak, sausage, and macaroni and cheese. When interacting with her peers, K'Lea can use reminders from time to time to listen to their opinions. She is learning to be more receptive in this area through receiving supportive services. Visit me at the Bluebonnet Country Heart Gallery.

K'lea will do well with a family where she is the only child or the youngest child. She will thrive with a family who is active, offers structure, consistency, love, and support, along with understanding and patience. K'lea will do best with a family who will give her individual attention and encourage her to participate in sports and various activities.

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