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K'lea from Texas



from Texas

K'lea is a personable, caring, and respectful youth. She enjoys reading, drawing, creating new things, and swimming. She also does well in school overall but does benefit from redirection from time to time to stay on task. K'lea gets along well with others and enjoys meeting new people. She can be shy at first but she will eventually let her guard down. She is pleasant to interact with. She is very helpful and tends to be the voice of reason among other children. She is also very loyal, caring, well mannered, and easy going. She is very creative and is very self-motivated. She enjoys going to amusement parks and doing outdoor activities such as hiking. She has more recently become interested in athletics and is wanting to try more sports like volleyball, basketball, and water polo. Visit me at the Bluebonnet Country Heart Gallery.

K'lea's forever family will be patient, understanding, and loyal family. She will do best in a family with less than two children. K'lea would be comfortable in a one parent mom, two-parent mom and dad, and/or two-parent mom and mom home. K'lea family will be supportive and nurturing.

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