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Mikalynn from Texas



from Texas

Mikalynn is an active child who loves to engage in gymnastics and she enjoys perfecting hand stands in her spare time. Mikalynn hopes to become a scientist and she loves animals and wants to become a Veterinarian. Mikalynn likes school and her favorite classes are any science and biology. Mikalynn actively seeks to please others. She loves to give hugs and she reaches out to others for hugs. Mikalynn enjoys forming friendships with her peers. Mikalynn has a great sense of humor and she loves to spend time with others. She loves to spend individualized time with adults and likes to share about her hobbies and interests. Mikalynn is energetic, outgoing, funny and thoughtful. Mikalynn has a strong personality and she asserts her opinions when there is injustice. She likes being the center of attention.

Mikalynn would do well in a home that is consistent, fair, and can give support with firm limits and boundaries. Mikalynn would do best with a family that is outgoing, has a sense of humor and can provide her with the support she needs to be successful in school, home and social settings. Mikalynn gets along with other children.

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