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Mishanti from Texas



from Texas

Mishanti is a sweet, caring, and loving child. She likes being the center of attention and loves to have all eyes on her. She does well in school and enjoys her school activities. She is part of the band in school and plays the saxophone and enjoys demonstrating to others how to play her instrument. Mishanti is a big music lover and enjoys listening and dancing to music. In her downtime at home, she likes hanging out with her family. She loves to be at home relaxing and finds comfort in spending time with those she loves. She enjoys watching movies and having great conversations with others. Mishanti is really excited to find a home and a family who will value and listen to her. She desires and needs the love and attention from a forever home.

Mishanti will benefit from a two-parent household. Mishanti will thrive in a home that is structured and consistent but also loving and encouraging. Her forever family should be committed to her as an individual.

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