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Myra from Texas



from Texas

Myra is very active little girl. She is very bonded to twin sister, Myla. She tends to be follower of Myla. She can be easily influenced by Myla to things that benefits Myla. Myra is starting to develop her own personality and become more independent from her twin. Myra loves to play with her siblings, sing and dance. Her favorite color is pink or purple. Her favorite foods are pizza, chicken and ice cream. Her favorite toys to play with are Barbies, Elsa Dolls, and a food maker. Her favorite activities are arts / crafts and cooking. She wishes that she could have food maker and all the ice cream she can have. Myra can be easily redirectable. Like other kids her age, she tends to test her boundaries to see what she can get by with. Myra benefits from when she is aware of rules or limits are explained to her beforehand.

The sibling group, Ydin, Myli, Yasmani, Myla and Myra, are fun and loving sibling group. The older siblings, Ydin, Myli, and Yasmani, are very protective of Myra and Myla. The older three tend to parent Myra and Myla. Ydin is the one who is always watching out for his siblings. When he was unable to do, he relies on either Myli or Yasmani to fill in those gaps. In recent months, all the children have been able to just be kids and enjoy not having adult responsibilities. Ydin is able to be a typical teenager without having to parent his siblings. Myli and Yasmani are out to make you laugh and have a good old time. Myla and Myra, twins, have developed their own personalities over the last year. Myla tends to be the leader of the twins and wants to direct others around. Myra will make sure that her desires known. Both are very outgoing and vocal about their wants. Ydin and Myli are enjoying being able to enjoy life without the additional responsibilities. This group of siblings wants to be adopted together into a loving forever family.

Myra wants to be adopted with all her siblings. Myra wants a two-parent family that consists of a mom and dad with a house with a big yard with a pool. Her family will be structured in a nurturing way. Myra would like an active family that does different activities.

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