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Yasmani from Texas



from Texas

Yasmani is a very outgoing, caring and lovable child. He is a jokester. He likes being the center of attention in a crowd of people. He enjoys making other people laugh as he always wants to laugh. Yasmani always greets you with a big smile on his face. He likes playing games or riding his bike over jumps with the neighbor child. His hobbies include playing at the park, eating at restaurants, and riding bikes. His favorite foods are Pizza, hamburgers, and spaghettis. Yasmani loves to play with Legos, hot wheels, tech decks, and cards. He likes doing word searches. He will make the most intricate moving Lego cars in his free time. Yasmani wishes to get more hot wheels and a pet rooster.

The sibling group, Ydin, Myli, Yasmani, Myla and Myra, are fun and loving sibling group. The older siblings, Ydin, Myli, and Yasmani, are very protective of Myra and Myla. The older three tend to parent Myra and Myla. Ydin is the one who is always watching out for his siblings. When he was unable to do, he relies on either Myli or Yasmani to fill in those gaps. In recent months, all the children have been able to just be kids and enjoy not having adult responsibilities. Ydin is able to be a typical teenager without having to parent his siblings. Myli and Yasmani are out to make you laugh and have a good old time. Myla and Myra, twins, have developed their own personalities over the last year. Myla tends to be the leader of the twins and wants to direct others around. Myra will make sure that her desires known. Both are very outgoing and vocal about their wants. Ydin and Myli are enjoying being able to enjoy life without the additional responsibilities. This group of siblings wants to be adopted together into a loving forever family.

Yasmani wants to be adopted with his siblings. He describes the perfect family as having all his siblings together with a mom and dad, a home with a backyard and a swimming pool. He would like to have a place to play basketball or ride his bike. He would like to be able to have his own room. His family will be hands-on and provide a structured environment. Yasmani is easily redirectable. His forever family will have clear rules and boundaries. His family will be consistent in enforcing the family rules with him. Yasmani's family will be involved in his schooling as he benefits from educational support services.

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