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Nellie from Texas



from Texas

Nellie is like many youths her age who like hanging out with her friends. She loves to sing, dance, and she is very creative with arts and crafts. Nellie is a "girly-girl" and loves anything that sparkles. She enjoys dressing up experimenting with makeup and painting her nails. Nellie has a very social personality and she enjoys meeting new people and going new places. Nellie has tremendous love for all animals and pets, especially kitties and has expressed a desire to become a vet when she grows up. She enjoys school and her favorite subjects are art and science. When Nellie has spare time, you can find her listening to some of her favorite music from Shawn Mendez and drawing in her journal. She enjoys eating pizza, burgers, and hot dogs; and she has a sweet tooth, enjoying ice cream and cake. Nellie has stated that if she had three wishes she would like to be a singer, she would like to have a puppy, and she would like to have a loving mom.

Nellie will need a loving, patient, nurturing family who will establish clear boundaries, limits, and expectations. She would love to find a two-parent household and would prefer to be an only child as she does not have any siblings. However, she would not mind sharing love with other children. Nellie is very caring and has a lot of love and attention to give!

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