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Octavain from Texas



from Texas

Octavain is an energetic and fun-loving child with a smile which will warm your heart. He has a sweet personality and he loves to share in laughter and have fun with others. Octavain loves to play sports, swim, and join in outdoor activities. He has a great imagination and is very creative. Octavain loves building with Legos and playing with toy dinosaurs and action figures. He enjoys playing basketball and football. Octavain benefits from encouragement with school work, but overall wants to do well in school and be proud of his accomplishments. He has demonstrated a thoughtful and compassionate personality towards others around him and also does very well with tending and caring for pets.

Octavain will do well in a two-parent household, in which at least one parent is a male figure, as he responds well to male authority figures. He needs a family who is structured, patient, supportive, and who will work with him through his transition to his new home. It is strongly preferred that the family have experience in caring for children and a strong support system who could help them through the process. His family will need to be flexible and available to maintain frequent contact with the education system and participation with providers. Octavain's family will ensure he receives any supportive or medical services he needs. He has a strong desire to be adopted and is ready to find a forever family to share in his life. Octavain would do well as the youngest child of a sibling group.

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