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Pablo from Texas



from Texas

Pablo is very kindhearted and sweet youth. He likes to make people feel good and often goes out of his way to compliment others. Pablo takes pride in being able to make people laugh. He loves to have a good time and wants others to have fun as well. Pablo loves attention and will try his best to impress anyone who is around. Pablo is a very active child who loves sports. He would love to play football and is looking forward to being able to join a team one day! He likes soccer and basketball as well. Pablo loves watching sports on TV and cheering on his favorite teams. Pablo is very creative and considers himself a master Lego builder. He also enjoys video games and playing Pokemon cards. He would love to have a PS5. Pablo is a fun-loving child who will bring joy to your life!

Juana and Pablo are a fun-loving sibling group that always have a good time together. Juana and Pablo get very excited when they get to see each other. Pablo enjoys, holding Juana and getting to take care of her during their time together. Juana likes to touch her brother's face and arms. When she does this, she gets a big smile on her face. The two have a very special bond and love spending time together. Pablo is a very hands on big brother and is protective of Juana. He loves to make her laugh. He also loves showing her things and will carry her around so that she is able to feel different objects as he explains what they are. Juana always appears comfortable when she is with Pablo.

Pablo would do best in a two-parent home that is able to meet the needs of both him and his sister. Pablo loves attention and it is important to him that his parents have designated time to spend with just him. He would benefit from a strong father figure role model. His forever family would be one that is active in family activities and spends a fair amount of time engaged in outings/events outside the home. With his love of sports, it would be beneficial for Pablo to have parents that share that interest. Pablo will do very well in a family who is consistent with their discipline and patient with him while he is adjusting to a new setting and boundaries. He would also love to have a parent that will take him to sporting events. Pablo wishes to have a family that will love and accept both him and his sister

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