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Paul from Texas



from Texas

Paul is a shy, respectful teenage boy. He enjoys getting to know others and making new friends. Paul enjoys listening to music. He also enjoys playing sports. Paul's favorite sports are basketball and football, but he is also interested in possibly trying track. Paul also enjoys singing and drawing. He likes to hang out with his friends and play video games. Paul also enjoys watching funny movies. His favorite foods are hamburgers, his favorite candies are warheads, and his favorite drink is Sprite. Paul also enjoys playing with Legos and Pokemon. Paul stated that one of his favorite activities is attending school, and his favorite subject is math. He benefits from one-on-one attention when completing schoolwork and will work hard when he has this attention.

Paul will do well with a family that is patient and understanding of his needs. He needs a family that will provide him with unconditional love. Paul will thrive with a family that is resourceful and knowledgeable about accessing support services within their community. His family will provide him with the appropriate supervision. His family will commit to providing him with a safe place to express himself emotionally and assist him in accomplishing his goals. Paul does well in a structured environment and has a desire to have siblings he can love. Paul wishes to have a family that will not give up on him and a home he can always visit.

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