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Porfirio from Texas



from Texas

Meet Porfirio. He prefers to be called Kevin. He is an extroverted, energetic and sweet young boy that enjoys playing basketball and learn new things. He is very outgoing; he never holds back his fun-loving personality he has within. Kevin is very friendly and respectful to those that he meets without a second thought. He is very open about who he is and loves to express himself openly. Kevin has dreams of one day being a probation officer and helping others. He easily gets along with others and enjoys other recreational activities such as working out at the gym. He is very loyal and caring to those he trusts and creates a bond with. Overall, Kevin is a young boy with big dreams who holds himself accountable to be the best version of himself.

Kevin's forever family will set healthy boundaries and remind him that he is a teenager as he can continues to enjoy his adolescent years. Kevin's family will be supportive parents that will guide him in the right direction. His family will be involved and supportive when it comes to his educational needs and his decisions. Kevin's family will show Kevin different extra-curricular activities and encourage him to be actively involved in these activities. Kevin's family will nurture and continue to support his current interest and hobbies. Kevin appreciates, good communication, humor, love, and nurturing caregivers. Kevin's forever family will replicate these behaviors and attributes that would benefit his future.

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