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Quincy from Texas



from Texas

Quincy is a youth full of energy and wonder. He enjoys playing outside with his friends. When he is not outside he enjoys playing video games and watching cartoons. Quincy would enjoy participating in extracurricular activities to keep him busy. He is very intelligent and capable of making good grades when he applies himself. Quincy enjoy interacting with other children. This outstanding youth can be very loving to his caregivers and very respectful. He can become easily distracted and tends to act before thinking at times. Quincy is working on taking responsibility for his actions. Like many other children his age, he needs reminders about daily activities and chores.

Quincy will do well with a family who offers patience, structure and consistency along with careful supervision. The family for Quincy will need to be able to spend one-on-one time with him and be willing to assess his resources and needs. Quincy will do well with a family who will motivate him to be better every day and appreciate the progress made.

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