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Quincy from Texas



from Texas

Quincy is an outgoing teen who enjoys playing football and basketball and hanging out with his peers. He can be found playing video games and watching television when he is not enjoying outdoor activities. Quincy is athletically inclined and would enjoy participating in school sports or other extracurricular activities to keep busy. He is a gentle giant and a very respectful young man who is known to be very kind to others. He responds well when interacting with his caregivers. Quincy is very self-aware and thinks about how his actions may affect others. He thrives on his desire to be a better person. He communicates his needs and wants clearly and effectively daily. Quincy will be a great addition to a loving and caring forever family.

Quincy will do well with a family who offers patience, structure and consistency along with careful supervision. Quincy's forever family will need to be able to spend one-on-one time with him and be willing to assess his resources and needs. Quincy would do well in a family that is very active and enjoy outings, sports, church events, etc. Quincy needs a family who will motivate him to be better every day and appreciate the progress made. Quincy will do best in a family that does not have too many other children in the home.

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