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Quin'tryal from Texas



from Texas

Quin'Tryal enjoys playing outside with his friends. When he is not able to be outdoors, he enjoys playing video games and watching cartoons. Quin'Tryal is an intelligent, young child who is capable of accomplishing great things. He prefers to be in smaller settings and play alone, instead of being in larger groups. Quin'Tryal is an outstanding youth who can be very loving and respectful to his caregivers. At times, he can become distracted and will sometimes act before thinking. Quin'Tryal is still learning how to be responsible, and benefits from role models to teach him what responsibility looks like. Like many other children his age, he needs prompts and reminders to complete his chores.

Quin'Tryal and Zaniyah love each other and are looking forward to meeting their forever family. They both have their own individual interests, but they both enjoy the outdoors and playing outside together. Quin'Tryal is the oldest of the two. He is very loving, caring and respectful. He enjoys playing in smaller groups and on his own. Zaniyah is the youngest. She loves her brother and looks up to him. They do not show much outward affection towards one another, but they will protect and stand up for each other when they feels it is needed. Quin'Tryal and Zaniyah are excited to meet their new family.

Quin'Tryal will do well with a family who offers patience, structure, and consistency along with careful supervision. The family for Quin'Tryal will be able to spend one-on-one time with him and be willing to access any resources he needs. Quin'Tryal will do best with a family who will motivate him to be better every day and appreciate his progress.

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