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Randall from Texas



from Texas

Randall, who prefers to go by Randy, is a child who is full of energy and loves every aspect of life! He is a little shy when learning or experiencing new things; but once he sees how neat or fun it is, or how unique it is, you can see the light in his eyes and his thirst to keep learning and experiencing more. Randy is a diverse child who can adapt to most situations with the proper guidance, nurturing, and structure. He responds best to simple and kind directives from adults. Randy enjoys playing by himself, engaging in activities, and learning new things. While he has a thirst for knowledge, he benefits from extra support with his schoolwork and grasping certain concepts. Randy is very motivated child and loves learning. He has been described as a "sensitive heart" and a "kind soul," which accurately describes this child very well. Randy loves the outdoors and his favorite animal is a wolf!

Randy's forever family will be one that gives him attention, structure, encouragement, and proper guidance. He will flourish in a home where he is the only child or with significantly older siblings. His forever family understands he will need extra support in school from both educators and his parents. Randy's family will be strong advocates in his life who will encourage him daily and show him that he is precious, smart, loved, and safe. He will thrive in a two-parent home or in a home with a strong single father who can be an exceptional role model for him. Most importantly, Randy's family will love him forever.

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