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Rolando from Texas



from Texas

Rolando has a very vivacious personality. He is respectful, easy going and is always ready to lend a helping hand. He is caring and will do everything in his power to help someone in need. Rolando always has a big smile on his face, ready to brighten someone's day. He is affectionate and a hugger by nature. Rolando has great social skills and one of his favorite things is being social and spending time with others around him. He likes earning his own money by helping sell items at flea markets as well as assisting in waiting tables at restaurants. Rolando's favorite past time is listening to music and dancing. Tejano music is his favorite genre of music as it reminds him of his family. Rolando loves all activities both indoors and outdoors, as long as they motivate his creativity. He loves eating at various restaurants and has no preference for a particular meal or restaurant.

Rolando's forever family will one that is patient, caring and very active. Rolando tends to strive the most in active environments. He loves electronics and would appreciate a family that is electronic savvy and will enjoy playing video games, flying drones, and listening to music and dancing. Rolando wants a family that will keep him busy by doing projects or activities that will in turn give him a sense of accomplishment. Rolando will do well with a family who is experienced in parenting teens and are very supportive. Rolando will also benefit from parents who have experienced in fostering. He would prefer a two-parent household with a mom and a dad.

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