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Samantha from Texas



from Texas

Samantha is an outgoing and friendly child who likes to draw, watch anime, make arts and crafts, and read books. Samantha also loves spending time doing outdoor activities like riding bikes, swimming and boating. Samantha is quite talkative and rarely meets a stranger. Samantha is not afraid to speak up and advocate for herself. She is a natural leader who likes to make the rules and loves some friendly competition. Samantha takes pride in her appearance and loves to wear "cute" clothes. Samantha has a very creative imagination which could take her far in the future. Samantha has a sweet smile that will capture your heart immediately. She likes to ask a lot of questions and is curious about the world around her. Samantha would be a wonderful addition to a loving forever family.

Samantha's forever family will be one that provides her with a structured and nurturing home environment. Her family will praise positive behaviors and provide her with a safe and loving environment where she feels secure. Samantha has stated that she would like a home where she can have her own bedroom and a yard to play in. She would also love to have a pet dog or cat.

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