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Savion from Texas



from Texas

Savion is a sweet child who deserves a wonderful family. He enjoys watching videos for short periods of time. He also enjoys when his foster family reads to him or plays cars with him, especially Matchbox cars. He also likes watching the dogs run around. However, if they run too fast or bark too much he gets uneasy. Savion is diagnosed with Moebius Syndrome, which affects the cranial nerves and, therefore, he is unable to move his face (such as smiling or frowning). Although he is unable to walk, he explores his environment by crawling. He enjoys moving around the home and looking out the windows. Although Savion has great upper body strength, he utilizes a wheelchair to move his entire body. He also has a gait walker, which he enjoys using when he is in the mood, and he wears braces on his legs and feet. At times, Savion can become extremely expressive in order to get his needs met. He will nod to answer questions and he can be affectionate and very loving toward his caregivers. Although he is non-verbal, he communicates with moans and touching. Savion requires constant supervision and is in a contained environment with a classroom aide. Savion loves all types of fruit and fruit juice and he prefers spicy foods that he can really taste, such as hot fries or hot Cheetos. He requires soft or pureed food, as he has difficulty with textures that are hard, chewy, or crunchy. He also requires a thickening agent in his liquids to avoid choking. When Savion is feeling anxious, he may grab, push, or pinch his caregivers, or scream and moan, depending on his anxiety level. His adoptive family will need to learn his triggers to help him decrease these behaviors. He responds well to time alone in his room or when people look into his eyes, talk softly, and pat him on the hand or back. Savion enjoys being surrounded with all his toys and things that make him happy. Savion is also diagnosed with Seizure Disorder and may have seizures when he is over-stimulated. Sleeping can be a struggle for Savion as he often gets up 1-2 times per night. He has a busy schedule of physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy. Most of the time, Savion enjoys therapy time. He especially enjoys having his legs and feet massaged. Savion knows some basic sign language, but he will only use the signs when he wants to communicate in that way. View my video on CBS19 "Children Are A Gift".

Savion will benefit from a family who understands his medical and health needs. He will require life-long care. Savion's family will be patient, as he has difficulty with change. They will allow him time to adjust to the transition and the new home. His family will advocate for his medical care and his education.