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Shadale from Texas



from Texas

Sha'dale is a very kind-hearted and caring person. He is a very active child who loves to play a lot. He loves to engage in water activities like putting his toys in water and splashing. Sha'dale is also taking swimming lessons. He has become increasingly familiar with and comfortable in the water as he continues to take lessons. Sha'dale loves to joyride as he enjoys nature. Sha'dale is a creative music lover. He loves playing with fidget toys and balls. He loves to run and build various objects out of giant Legos. He enjoys eating pizza, hamburgers, and chicken nuggets. He is diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Although Shadale is non-verbal, he knows some sign language, such as eat, drink, more, pray, and thank you.

Sha'dale and Noah are spirited brothers with big hearts. Sha'dale and Noah are playful brothers who enjoy each other's company. The unconditional love Noah and Sha'dale share is strong and not easily broken. They both enjoy going on car rides together. Noah and Shadale interact very well with one another and love to be together while playing outside, bouncing on the trampoline, and doing just about anything that will give them a challenge and keep them on their toes. Noah is the youngest and most outgoing of the two. He is also the protector of his big brother Shadale. Noah feels it is his job to help ensure Sha'dale is well taken care of. Sha'dale and Noah would love to be a part of a loving forever family.

Sha'dale's forever family will be a loving and patient family who will work with him on meeting his developmental milestones. His family will have experience caring for children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder would best meet Sha'dale's needs. Sha'dale would do well in a big, busy, or small, quiet family. He would do well with other kids in the home. Sha'dale likes dogs and being able to go outside and explore. Sha'dale needs a family who is committed to caring for him long-term. Sha'dale will thrive and benefit from a patient, nurturing forever home and careful supervision. His family will be willing to reassure him he is safe, stable, and loved and spend one-on-one time to help establish a new foundation for success in his life. Sha'dale family will advocate for him while providing new challenges to encourage his progress. Sha'dale needs a family that will allow him to communicate with his other siblings regularly.

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