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Vanessa from Texas



from Texas

Vanessa is very much a girly girl and likes to paint her nails and do her hair. She does very well interacting with her friends. Vanessa enjoys hanging out with her friends and likes to get together at her friends' homes. She also enjoys going to the movies and reading books. Vanessa likes going on outings, birthday parties, and is very interested in joining gymnastics. She likes playing with Barbie dolls and would like to have the Barbie dream house and all accessories someday. Vanessa's favorite foods are hot dogs, hamburgers, and pizza. Vanessa wishes to continue having contact with her older sibling. Visit me at the Heart Gallery of El Paso.

Vanessa will benefit from a family who is very patient and well informed of trauma related to abuse. An ideal family for Vanessa will be one who is able help her cope and make new and positive memories. Vanessa reports she is open for adoption if she feels it is a family who will love her forever.