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Victoria from Texas



from Texas

Victoria is an a playful, yet shy girly girl. She enjoys coloring, playing with baby dolls, polishing her nails, and applying makeup. She likes to play video games on her tablet. She is also sporty. She enjoys playing soccer and gymnastics. She does flips and cartwheels when playing outside. She also has an imagination while playing. Her favorite foods are pancakes, peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, noodles, pizza, and hamburgers. Victoria is very active and lacks focus. She likes to please others. She has challenges when she is upset and is working on learning new coping skills to help her with those challenges. She benefits from support services. Victoria benefits from a lot of time, attention, and reassurance. Victoria loves to feel special and wants to be a part of a loving home.

Victoria's forever family will be nurturing, loving, and patient. She would do best in a home with no other children. Victoria's family will provide a structured home environment. Her family will utilize "we praise", rewards, and charts. Her family will establish clear expectations, be patient, and provide constant and consistent reinforcement. Victoria's forever family will be fair, predictable, and loving.

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