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Victoria from Texas



from Texas

Victoria is a shy girl who enjoys reading, coloring, and playing board games. She has a love for anything related to hair styling and make-up application. Victoria loves making herself look good and receiving compliments on her appearance. She also enjoys playing video games and watching music and dance videos on her tablet. If she could, she would play on it for hours. Victoria also enjoys gymnastics and loves to do flips and cartwheels when playing outside. Her favorite foods are pizza, hamburgers, pancakes, and peanut butter & jelly sandwiches. She likes to please others. Victoria enjoys going to church and participating in Christian activities. She loves Christian music and hopes to join a church choir someday. Victoria enjoys attending school, and her favorite class is Art.

Victoria needs a forever family who will be nurturing, loving, and patient. She would do best in a home with maybe one other child. Victoria will benefit from a lot of one-on-one quality time, attention, and reassurance. She thrives in a very structured home with patient caregivers. Victoria is motivated by rewards and praise for good behavior. Victoria responds well to behavioral charts, chore charts, and clear expectations. Her family will be patient and provide constant and consistent reinforcement. Victoria will do well in a fair, predictable and loving home where she will feel special and that she matters.

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