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Za'kiyah from Texas



from Texas

Za'Kiyah is a very sweet and smart little girl. She communicates very well for her age and fits in very well. She listens and reasons well with her caregivers. She loves to play outside, spend time with her siblings, ride her tricycle, and loves all things "girly". She is enjoying going to school and making new friends. Za'Kiyah is a leader and not a follower. She can be very caring and compassionate. She loves attention. She enjoys receiveing praise. Za'Kiyah always strives for her best. Za'Kiyah is funny. She is a very loving independent little girl. She loves playing with her dolls. Za'Kiyah is easily redirected. She is very smart and bright for a child her age. She has age-appropriate behaviors. Za'Kiyah loves people.

This sibling group of sisters are very sweet girls. They love each other very much, and like other siblings their age, there can be some sibling rivalry. They are each different in their own way. Miyah is the oldest of the three girls. She plays a mother role to the two youngest children. She always checks on her sisters to make sure they are okay. Annaleigh and Za'Kiyah like to be independent. Annaleigh is the middle child and she likes to be independent and do her own thing. Annaleigh likes to spend time with herself. She enjoys playing outside and playing with her siblings. Annaleigh will get upset easily with her sisters and want to be alone. Za'Kiyah is the youngest and very funny. She is a very loving independent little girl. This group of girls like to make each other laugh. They enjoy movie nights and playing outside together.

Za'Kiyah needs a home with lots of space and activities. She needs a home that is family oriented and can spend a lot of time with her. Za'Kiyah needs a home that is friendly and energetic .

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