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Do you know the basics of adopting a baby in the US?
1. True or False: Domestic adoptions cost between $5,000 and $30,000, with the price varying depending on the agency or attorney used.
2. Outside of loans, what is a way to help finance US Adoption?
3. True or False: Some states require its residents to use an agency.
4. In what kind of adoption do children typically fare the best emotionally?
5. If you have an adoption arranged beforehand, expectant parents can decide to parent until...
6. If you adopt a child from another state, you...
7. True or False: Before you can adopt, you must have a certified professional complete a home study that may include questions about your home safety and neighborhood, finances, and marriage.
8. True or False: You do not have to use an attorney or agency to finalize an adoption if you create your own contract for expectant parents to sign.