January 18, 2017 · by
Questions in this quiz are taken from this article by Rachel Galbraith:
1. True or False: You must pass a home study in order to adopt
2. True or False: You must have a medical clearance from your physician in order to pass the home study
3. True or False: If you have other children in your home and the social worker witnesses extreme arguing you will not pass your home study
4. True or False: The social worker performing your home study will look in all the closets and drawers in your home so you must make every effort to have them organized
5. True or False: You have to have a background check in order to pass your home study
6. True or False: You can fail a home study if you have a criminal background
7. True or False: A home study is required only once - it never expires
8. True or False: If you and your husband don't answer the interview questions the same, you will have to repeat the home study