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The Last Hour

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One Hour Left-till I must let you go,
I stare at your face and silently scream NO!
I miss you already, I looked at you and said,
as I made sure to be careful of your soft little head,
You were simply perfect, 10 fingers, 10 toes,
Your Daddy’s eyes, and your Mommy’s nose,
we coulnd’t stop crying, your daddy and me,
Our hearts were as broken, as broken could be,
We wanted you Kaylan, I swear that is true,
But we had to do what was best for YOU,
We sobbed and stared, as the clock ticked on,
1 half hour now, until you were gone,
I started to think of the months before,
Then began to cry more and more,
I remembered then, why my choice was right,
But I’ll sure miss your kicks in my belly at night,
10 minutes now, and I began to pray,
I felt my heart be ripped out that day,
I prayed for your safty, your happiness, and heart,
then I told you how I have loved you from the start,
I prayed you’d understand that my love is true,
and that this really was the right thing for you,
Their was a lot to that prayer, but now it’s a blur,
Then, I told my child, how much I’d miss her…
I swear I saw you smile that day,
As I wished to myself that you could stay-
But the time was up as my heart broke in two,
I knew what it was that I had to do,
I thought to myself, how will I do this,
Then I handed you to Daddy with some tears and a kiss,
He told you he loved you and kissed your sweet head,
I don’t know about him, but I felt numb, almost, dead,
I have felt dead since then, without you next to me,
But it’s all worth it see, because you are happy,
Much happier with your new mom and dad my princess, that’s true…
But don’t ever think that we don’t miss you,
With all our hearts, Miss Kaylan Marie,
we are here and we love you…your FIRST family

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